Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dumb Intelligence

POINT UNO: The act of VIOLENCE and TORTURE, lost of credibility.
I personally feel that the Americans are not employing the most efficient methods of interrogation. This is because they resort to torture rather than persuasion which results in the victims providing them with less than true information because they just want the torture to stop. These methods that they use are very violent and sadistic, which is not expected in today's more civillised and developed society.

Also, the people that carry out these torture methods are not qualified to do so. This is because the CIA that were instructed to do so, many of them that carried it out weren't exactly qualified, this may endanger the victim's life. It has also been argued that the military would be better equipped to handle this, however, the Secretary of Defense thinks otherwise. This in a way shows that he is inapt in handling such matters, as he does not take the welfare and view of others into consideration when there was discontent voiced out.

The use of waterboarding and other torture methods is causing the Americans to lose their moral credibilty because it is mentioned that the quality of the information extracted is sometimes false. Thus, it causes people to have doubts about the information that they are getting. I personally feel that if people were to actually have doubt in such events, they may feel that their lives are being jeopardized by the government, especially when dealing with potential terrorists. Because if int he event that these 'potential terrorists' were to give false information to save themselves, we do not really know what is going to happen next. This causes a great deal of uncertainty and unrest in society.

POINT DOS: What are the impacts?
These sets of false information can also impact the society other than causing unrest. This is because if other countries learn about these acts, they may in turn doubt the capability and credibility of the US. Its is stated that, "torture won't get us any closer to discovering when they are going to go off." This means that it is not through violence tand torture that we can help to eradicate this matter of terrorism. By having torture, we may be able to obtain information. But we do question whether or not this information is credible because we do not have much proof on it. This means that the information is passed off as 'credible' without other forms of conformation on the credibility of it all. Does this really help to put a country at ease? Or does it just make the matter worse off than before?

These questions are one of the many that bother the people who know about the issue. This is because they do not know what goes on within the bowels of the government but merely what they are shown or told. This I feel that people are always kept in the dark and it feels as if we are living in a closed society, not matter how much we declare to be an open one, because of the sheer fact that we only see and hear about what is on the surface and not what that is going on within the belly of the beast.

What is stated, " Obama shoudn't stop at declassifying the memos. " I do agree with the author that more should be done to address this issue. This is because, what the president does, not only impacts his parliament, but also community as a whole. I feel that Obama should not declassify the memos, but instead address that matter that has caused this unrest in society. By declassifying the memos, he is only covering up for the mistakes of the Americans, and people may feel that if the Americans know that their president will cover up for them, they may not stop and evaluate their decisions and actions.

Also, like mentioned, Obama should indeed launcha full-view investigation in the pratices, because this not only jeopardizes the current society, but it may just be that spark that leads up to an even larger holocaust. ideally, we do not want that in society, thus I feel that Obama should review what has been done and make the amends while the night is still young and not when it worsens the situation.

-Sam (: